By Humphrey Carter

OSCAR-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow will be returning to Majorca next month but this time she will be coming to the island for business as opposed to pleasure.

Paltrow is no stranger to Spain and the Balearics. She speaks fluent Spanish as a result of her time living with a Spanish family when an exchange student and has visited the Balearics on a number of occasions during the summer.

However, next month, Paltrow, who loves Spanish food, returns to Spain to continue filming a U.S. television series about the country's food and culture.

The series was launched in Madrid last October, and the 13-part series, entitled Spain...On The Road Again, is going to be have its premiere on the PBS network in the United States in the autumn in English and Spanish.

The producers are also in negotiations with Spanish and Latin American broadcasters.
Paltrow has already visited restaurants, museums and other attractions in Northern Spain, and she is accompanied on her journey round Spain by the New York Times food critic Marc Bittmen, chef Mario Batali, who also speaks fluent Spanish, and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols. Apparently, the producer Charles Pinsky keep the itineraries for the programmes a closely guarded secret and a series of miniature car-mounted cameras film the reactions of Paltrow and her companions as they travel around Spain.

In total, Paltrow and co. will spend four months touring Spain and next month the actress, who is married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin with whom she has two children, will be filming here in Majorca and Valencia.


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