By Staff Reporter

THE recent political scandals appear to have taken their toll on the opposition Partido Popular, who would lose three Members of the Balearic parliament if local elections were called today, an opinion poll carried out by the Fundacion Gadeso said yesterday.

The centre-right Partido Popular ruled the Balearics up to 18 months ago and it was still the most voted party at the last local elections but failed to secure an overall majority which left the door open for the so-called rainbow coalition which now rules the islands. But ever since leaving office the Partido Popular has been dogged by allegations of political corruption while they were in power. At least five cases are at present in the hands of the judiciary involving high-level officials from the previous Partido Popular administration. These cases appear to have dented the party´s popularity and a growing number of people in the Balearics would vote for the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), the lead party in the coalition government, according to the poll.


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