PALMA Council is to begin imposing fines of up to 1'352 euros on the owners of cars which are left abandoned in the streets.
According to the council, the practice is not necessary as there is already a disposal service in operation for the owners of unwanted vehicles.
The Councillor for Transport and Citizen Security, Joaquin Rodriguez, said yesterday that vehicles left abandoned on the street damaged the environment.

He said owners of unwanted cars should bring them to the municipal pounds at the airport and Son Toells, on the Camino de Sa Indiotera. There they will be asked to sign a form to say the vehicle is no longer in use and hand over the original vehicle log book and a photocopy of their ID.

Once this is done, the council takes care of the decontamination and destruction of the vehicle, and informs the Traffic Department that the vehicle is no longer in use. This service is free.

Alternatively, the owner of the vehicle can present the form with the log book and ID photocopy, giving the address where the vehicle is currently situated and the council will collect it.

However, there is a charge of 47 euros per car and van for this service, and 27 euros for motorbikes and mopeds.


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