THE Bulletin warned you yesterday to get ready to say good-bye to the sun and mild temperatures for a while and the region is today on severe weather alert for snow and a sharp drop in temperatures.

An estimated two centimetres of snow is forecast to fall on the Tramuntana mountains but the snow line is going to be lower than initially forecast at around 200 metres or even lower in some parts of the island and this is going to be very much the weather trend for the best part of the forthcoming week.

The big freeze is going to grip the whole country, although while the rest of Spain remains mainly dry, it is the Balearics where the rain is going to predominate over the next few days with a wet, windy and cold weekend in store.

The Balearics was first placed on severe weather alert on Wednesday for heavy seas and gale force winds peaking at over 80 kilometres per hour can be expected over the next few days in more northern parts of Majorca and Minorca.

The northerly winds will probably cause some disruption to shipping so check with your ferry company if you have a crossing booked over the weekend.
The Civil Protection department yesterday issued its usual warnings and advice.
Make sure all exterior doors and windows are securely closed and that all objects on terraces are well fastened.

Stay away from the beach, especially the sea, and keep a close eye on weather forecast if planning on going sailing.
For those thinking of a weekend hike in the mountains, the Civil Protection department would recommend thinking again or at least making sure that someone knows your route and that you are well prepared with the correct clothing, supplies and a well charged mobile telephone.

Drivers are also being urged to proceed with extreme caution, especially in the mornings because of the threat of black ice, in particular in the hills and mountains at first thing. And make sure you have plenty of petrol in the tank.


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