Joan Collins
THE price of a litre of normal unleaded petrol has gone up by 0.034 euros since the beginning of the year and has again broken through the one euro barrier, to 1.002 euros, while the price of a litre of diesel is now more than 0.93 euros, levels which have not been seen since last November. According to figures from the national Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce from the service stations, unleaded petrol this week went above one euro per litre for the first time since November 14 last year. According to this information Diesel A, the fuel most in demand in Spain, now costs 0.931 euros a litre, 0.016 euros dearer than at the beginning of the year, and the highest price since the end of November. So far this year unleaded petrol has gone up by 3.4 percent while diesel has gone up by 1.72 percent, although in 2005 the price of both fuels rose by 15.1 and 13.2 percent respectively. Of the other higher graded unleaded fuels, 98 octane now costs 1.114 euros a litre, super additive 97 octane 1.10 euros, and the new diesel A 97 costs 0.971 euros, according to the figures. This upturn in prices is caused by the rise in the price of crude oil and its derivatives on the international market. A tonne of normal unleaded petrol has risen from 541.30 dollars on December 30, the last working day of last year, to 575.80 dollars, while a tonne of diesel rose by 37.40 dollars to 576.80, according to figures from Platts, provided by the Petrol Products Operators Association (AOP). Its director general, Alvaron Mazarrasa, said that the rise in the price of crude oil is due to factors which are beyond their control.


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