By Humphrey Carter
DECADES of hard work went up in smoke yesterday when a fire swept through a large carpenters workshop in Cas Concos, Felanitx.
The blaze caused serious damage to the business and took fire fighters most of the morning to extinguish.
The alarm was raised just after 6am when a column of smoke was spotted rising from the workshop.
Felanitx Local Police were first at the scene followed by fire fighters from the local brigade and Manacor as well as the Guardia Civil.
Being full of wood and flammable liquid like varnish and paint, the flames obviously spread quickly through the workshop and fire fighters battled for hours to get the blaze under control.

Just after midday, fire chiefs gave the all clear for the owner and firemen to enter the building and start clearing away the burnt wood and furniture inside.

All the rescued tables, doors, window frames and other items of furniture were rushed out into the street while the burnt wood was piled up to be taken away.

The 60-year-old owner of the workshop has worked in the carpenter's all of his life and was deeply upset by the incident and could hardly speak to police when they first reached the scene.

However, apart from the extensive damage the fire caused to the workshop, the blaze may also hit businesses. Sources said that the carpenters were due to start fitting out two local chalets and everything from doors to windows and furniture was being crafted inside. “It's really bad luck was has happened,” a local businessman said as the clean up operation continued yesterday evening.

The cause of the fire had yet to be confirmed last night but it is thought that it may have started during the night in a pile of saw dust. Throughout the day, as the news spread through the area, a large number residents visited the scene in Cas Concos.

Many of the elder residents said that the carpenters had been there all of their lives and it was a tragedy for the owner that the business had been hit by fire.

After years of hard work, he now has to set about rebuilding his workshop and trade all over again.


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