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PALMA police have mounted a hunt for a pyromaniac who struck again in the early hours of yesterday morning setting fire to a van and a rubbish bin in calle Luca de Tena near Plaza Madrid.

Residents raised the alarm just after 12.30am and, as fire fighters tackled the blaze, Local Police patrols flooded the vicinity in a bid to catch the pyromaniac.

One eyewitness told police he saw a young “hoodie” fleeing the scene and both the Local and national Police spent the rest of the night searching the area but to no avail.

One man was stopped and questioned in Plaza Madrid but he was eventually ruled out of the investigation.
The van was seriously damaged by the fire and destroyed the rubbish bin which filled the street with a thick cloud of pungent smoke and police are not sure whether the culprit set light to the car or the bin first.

Police have been hunting a pyromaniac in Palma for the past couple of weeks after a number of similar incidents.
Last weekend, five rubbish bins were set ablaze in Son Cladera and Son Fuster.
Last December there were a number of similar incidents in various parts of the city and police suspect they are all connected.
However, the police have few leads to follow and little idea as to the identity of the suspect. Yesterday, police made a plea for help from the public in identifying and tracking down the pyromaniac before he, or she, commits a far more serious crime.


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