By Humphrey Carter CANARY owners in Calle Estancia in C'an Pastilla claim they are being terrorised by a phantom “Canary killer.” The Bulletin was yesterday contacted by the British owner of one of at least ten canaries which have been killed in the area over the past few weeks and it would appear that the culprit is a bird of prey, quite possible a falcon, either one of the many kept and used by nearby Palma airport to keep birds away from the runways, or a wild one. What ever is attacking the canaries is snatching them from their cages with their claws and, in some cases, leaving nothing behind bar a trace of feathers, blood and the odd beak. The British owner of one of the victims thought nothing of the incident, suspecting a cat or even a rat at first, until she returned to her pet shop in Arenal to buy another canary. “Thinking about it, we live on the second floor and the terrace, where the canary was locked in its cage, could not be accessed by a cat. “All I could think was that it was a rat, but we don't have any round here. “The pet shop owner was aware of a number of similar cases in the area recently and every one is talking about it,” the Bulletin was told yesterday. A nearby breeder of canaries has lost two in a similar fashion while in the same area, one person has lost three birds over the past few weeks. “Now we all know that each case is not an isolated one, people are quite concerned about what is killing our pets.”