By Humphrey Carter

THE family of Yvonne O'Brien told the Bulletin yesterday that they would welcome any new developments in the hunt to find her killer as the tenth anniversary nears of the British resident's brutal murder at her rented home in the family holiday resort of Alcudia in August, 1999.

Yvonne's brother Phillip Graham, to whom she was always very close and his wife Tina, have never given up the search for the killer and yesterday Tina said that the murder case cannot be just left open without justice being done. “She died in such a brutal way, she deserves justice,” Tina said.
She also revealed that, if no one has been arrested for the murder come the tenth anniversary of the brutal attack, she and Phillip are planning to relaunch the case. “We decided a few years ago that come the anniversary, if nothing had been done, we would return to Majorca and raise hell.” The family have been back to the island, where Yvonne is buried, regularly to check up on developments, but Tina admitted that there has been little movement over the past few years. She said the family were encouraged by reports that Interpol claim to have a new suspect and that police in Majorca are working on fresh leads.

Dorset Police sources also confirmed to the Bulletin yesterday that they are probing the possible link between Yvonne's murder and that of Heather Barnett in Bournemouth five years ago. Based on information handed over to the police, they are looking into Yvonne's murder as part of a routine inquiry.

The Dorset police have also asked for DNA collected at the Alcudia murder scene to be sent to the UK for crosschecking with evidence gathered during the Barnett investigation.