LESS than 24 hours after a telephone engineer fell to his death in Arta and a 49-year-old builder suffered serious injuries in a work accident at Minorca airport, a third site worker suffered severe injuries in Palma yesterday. This latest work accident happened at the old fairground site near Palma cemetery which the city council is transforming into a huge green belt/park area. The site worker was installing iron rods when he fell some three metres, landing on a pile of rods - one of which went through the upper part of his leg. He was rushed to Son Dureta hospital, to where the Minorca victim was airlifted on Thursday, and was said to have been in a stable condition last night. Yesterday, the Balearic government came under fire from the unions for failing to provide a serious report on accidents at work last year and the results of its Plan of Action, launched year, to improve health and safety standards. Balearic union representatives said yesterday that, between January and September last year, there were 1'863 accidents in the workplace, nearly 10 percent more than the previous year, 32 of which were serious and 12 fatal. The CC.OO. workers commissions union yesterday called on the Balearic Minister of Labour to organise an urgent meeting with local union bosses to study last year's figures, how the Plan of Action could be improved and how the accident rate could be reduced. In the meantime, the Ministry has launched separate inquiries into each of the three accidents.
The telephone engineer died in Arta after falling five metres when, it is suspected, the ageing telegraph poll he was repairing gave way.