By Humphrey Carter

THE sudden change in the weather and the wet conditions caused a host of problems on the roads yesterday.
Early yesterday morning, the driver of a van apparently lost control of the vehicle along calle Concordia in Palma and careered through the crash barrier and onto the tracks of the Soller train.

Fortunately, the Soller train is temporarily out of action for repair work but the driver suffered minor injuries as the vehicle crashed a metre down onto the tracks.

The young delivery man was taken to a Palma clinic while a crane was later brought in to lift the van off the tracks. A full investigation has been opened into the incident and engineers are due to inspect the track today to make sure no damage has been done.

Later, early yesterday afternoon, a Land Rover was involved in a serious collision with a lorry.

The accident happened near the Alcampo shopping centre in Marratxi and traffic police source said last night that the wet conditions were to blame.
Fortunately, nobody was killed in the accident although three people were seriously injured and were being treated in hospitals across Palma last night.

A third vehicle was involved in the accident. Apparently the driver was not able to stop in time and aquaplaned on the wet road in to the wreckage.
The accident led to part of the busy road being closed while the Guardia Civil Highway patrol dealt with the situation and the emergency service took care of the injured and transferred them to hospital.

Then, the damaged vehicles and the wreckage had to be cleared away before the stretch of road was reopened to traffic.