Palma.—The pyromaniac who has been eluding the security forces in Palma, struck again on Wednesday night and remains on the run at large.
Over the past month, the pyromaniac, who police believe is acting alone, has struck five times.
This latest arson attack took place at 3.30am in the early hours of yesterday morning when the security forces were called to a blaze in calle Marques de Tenerife in the Son Ferriol neighbourhood of the city.

Local residents raised the alarm as soon as they saw the flames and heard small explosions coming from the vehicles.
Units from the Local and National Police were on the scene within minutes along with an ambulance crew and fire fighters from the Palma Fire Brigade.
Within minutes of their arrival at the scene, fire fighters were able to extinguish the flames quickly and prevented them from spreading to other vehicles parked near by.

An immediate investigation was launched and police quickly found a can of flammable liquid near one of the torched vehicles, one of which was an old Mercedes.

Earlier hours
Yesterday, the Local and national Police said that they are going to be stepping up their efforts to catching the pyromaniac who also strikes at around the same time in the early hours between 2am and 4am.

Police do have CCTV images of the suspect but not enough to identify him.