Palma.—The town of Arta was in total shock last night after it was swamped by teams of forensics and the Guardia Civil investigating the alleged murder of local resident Margalida Perello Tous. the 50-year-old woman had apparently been fatally stabbed five times earlier in the day by her ex-husband who then allegedly tried to take his own life.

Both were very well known and popular in Arta and last night , the town was still struggling to comes to terms with what had happened.
Apparently the couple had separated a few years ago but managed to maintain a cordial relationship. They had two children, one aged seven and another who is currently studying in the Canaries and since they split up, both apparently have managed to have got their lives back on track - the ex-husband is understood to have a new girlfriend.

According to the police, the suspect presented himself at Margalida's house at 9am yesterday morning - she opened the door in her dressing gown and slippers having just returned home from dropping their youngest child off at school just a few blocks away.

As far as the police understood last night, an argument soon broke out between the two and the suspect grabbed a 30 centimetre knife and apparently repeatedly stabbed Margalida at least five times - in the chest, leg and ribs.

Margalida collapsed on the floor in a large pool of blood. Her attacker then ran upstairs where he apparently closed himself in one of the rooms and stabbed himself.

However, neighbours had heard the argument and screams and quickly called the emergency and security services which responded rapidly.
When police reached the scene, Margalida was in a terrible state, but still alive and just about able to speak. She told the police that she was sure her ex-husband was upstairs.

Attacker in pain
Officers from the Guardia Civil in Arta kicked in the door and found the attacker in pain on the floor.
Both were rushed to Manacor Hospital with a police escort with paramedics battling to save Margalida's life all the way while her ex-husband was in a critical but not life threatening condition. They were both admitted to hospital but tragically, Margalida died just moments later from her severe wounds while, at going to press last night, her ex-husband, was said to have been in a stable but critical condition. Throughout yesterday, detectives questioned neighbours and friends.

It appeared that Margalida was still working in her ex-husband's shop in the historic town but there was no history of domestic violence.
Last night, there was talk of little else in Arta with many working people having heard from friends or family members by phone or watched it on the television news at lunchtime.

The investigation will continue today and detectives hope to be able to interview the suspect.