THE next campaigns by the traffic department will concentrate on young people, night driving and the use of crash helmets and seat belts, which were the chief causes of accidents in the Balearics last year, alongside drinking, speeding and distraction. Ramon Socías, the central government representative in the islands, said that 54 of the 110 people who died on the roads in the Balearics last year were under the age of 32, 52 died in accidents at night time and 56 were not wearing the seat belt. He added that 45 of the people who died were killed in an accident on roads which were used by more than 15'000 vehicles a day.
There were 45 victims on roads used by less than 15'000 vehicles a day and 20 in built up areas.
He said that in his opinion improvements to the network of roads in the past few years have not had a marked effect on the reduction of accidents, which he attributed to a greater awareness on the part of road users. Seventy five people were killed on the roads in Majorca, 17 per cent less than 2004. There were five deaths in Minorca, a drop of 320 per cent. But in Ibiza, 30 people died, representing an increase of 105 per cent compared to 2004. Socías said that the introduction of the“points system” driving licences on July 1 will have a major effect in reducing road accidents, claiming that they would be cut by as much as 40 per cent in the next five years. Driving under the effects of drugs or alcohol will lead to a loss of six points, while driving more than 40kph above the limit will lead to the loss of four points. Using a mobile while driving will mean three points loss and two points will be deducted for not using seat belt or helmet.