By Humphrey Carter

BRITISH qualified general nurse, midwife and health visitor with over fifteen years of experience in women and child health, Nayna Alonso, is now offering a unique ante and postnatal service here in Majorca.

Nayna, whose husband is a Spanish consultant and radiologist who, prior to returning to Spain last year, practiced in Britain for 13 years, trained at Guy's Hospital in London and has worked for the National Health for 20 years.

A Registered General Nurse, Nayna, whose parents are from North West India, is also a qualified Specialist Community Practitioner, has a Diploma in Professional Studies, Midwifery and a Diploma in Practice of Family Planning & Reproductive Sexual Health and believes that her wealth of experience gained in Britain, where ante and postnatal services are extremely advanced, has an important role to play in modern society here in Majorca.

She said that, when it comes to giving birth, the Spanish system is years behind the UK and other parts of Europe. “It's still very simple and there is very little postnatal care and attention,” she said. “In hospital in Britain, for example, when mothers are admitted to give birth, they are allowed to eat, listen to music, move about their rooms and even have access to special birthing pools to help make sure that mother, and child are as comfortable as possible. Giving birth is a traumatic experience for both,” she explained. “But, there still seems to be the attitude that everyone lives near their extended family and, once born, grandmothers, parents, sisters etc. will all help to look after the new mother and child. “Trouble is, the population is so dispersed today and the values of the traditional extended family breaking down, new mothers often find themselves in a situation when they do not have the family network and have no one to turn to for advice and help,” she added. And this is where Nayna can help - not only the new mother and baby but also the father. “Antenatal care involves providing professional support, advice and information. “I offer antenatal check ups of both mother and child and classes to help mother and father through the months running up to the birth. “I can also be with the mother, in the comfort of her own home, right up until the moment she needs to be admitted to hospital.