A new aircraft docking arrangement is due to come into force at Palma airport on 10th February, which will mean that passengers on inter-island flights will be able to directly board their planes from the terminal building.

The new system is expected to speed up the journey schedule and promote a better service on local air routes.

Almost 11 million euros have been spent on the project which has involved the construction of a central 38'000 square metre platform.
The location of the new aircraft bays is such that it will also be able to provide a service to passengers using Module C where the new passenger “hub” is being built at a cost of 40 million euros. The new “hub” facility, designed to act as a fast transit and link point for international travellers, is expected to start operating this summer, provisionally May or June.

In order for the new platform to be erected, the Spanish National Airports Authority (AENA) had to authorise the demolition of the former Module B, a 27'000 square metre two-storey structure.

A complementary access tunnel, some 225 metres in length has been built leading to the airport control centre. The new development has completely altered the look of the airport. It now seems very much larger with an extensive selection of airport parking bays stretching around the individual passenger modules.