By Humphrey Carter PALMA

THE Guardia Civil were last night investigating the double shooting of an elderly Spanish couple in the village of Calvia.
The bodies of the 86-year-old husband and his 74 year-old-wife were found by family members at the couple's home at number nine calle Vicente Chinchilla at mid day.

Their pet dog had also been apparently shot dead.
Yesterday, the Guardia Civil were working on two possible theories, the first being a suicide pact, the second being murder.
According to sources close to the investigation yesterday afternoon, the couple were both found sitting on the sofa.
Apparently, the husband was discovered with a pistol in his hand on his lap.
At going to press last night, the latest lead the police were apparently following up was that the wife and dog were killed first.

There were no signs of violence in the property and the couple had no history of domestic violence either which was making it complicated for the Guardia Civil to unravel the motive for the tragic event which has shocked the local community. Yesterday afternoon, as the investigation progressed the two bodies were transferred to the Forensic Institute in Palma for examination while Guardia Civil investigators also tried to establish if there was a history of mental health problems.

The autopsies are expected to be carried out within the next couple of days but the Guardia Civil hope to have resolved the mystery by then.
Last night, neighbours and friends were in total shock.
Local residents paid tribute to the couple saying that they were friendly and played an active part in the community.
Social services were caring for family members.