Palma.—The left wing heritage protection groups in Bunyola, Santa Maria and Alaro have joined forces to create a single body called COM-U to defend the island's heritage and culture.

The new body was officially unveiled yesterday and their principal aim is to preserve the island's heritage and culture in the best interests of the general public and to respect the island's history.

Rights of way
Their brief is a large one.
They intend to take on the local authorities over rights of way and the closure of walks and paths and as a united group, they believe that they will have more clout and also be able to attract more people to get involved. The civic body considers that it is their right to get back “what has been robbed” by the local councils, island councils and Balearic government.

Apart from using the judiciary, the group also intends to hold a series of marches and rallies to increase public awareness to their cause and the many areas of the island where the public are illegally denied access.

One example is the alleged closure by the family of the Mayor of Palma, Mateu Isern, of the old road from Bunyola to Soller which was once a very popular hiking route. COM-U claims that the Isern family owns an agrotourism hotel along the route, which is why it is closed to the public.