Palma.—Snow ploughs and gritters were out first thing yesterday morning in the north of the island and the mountains but the emergency services reported that the expected heavy snow fall failed to make it to the Balearics.

However, while Ibiza was hit by torrential rain, the biggest concerns for the next few days, with further snow flurries not being ruled out, are the freezing temperatures and the gale force north, north easterly winds.

Yesterday Capdepera was battered by winds of over 100 kilometres per hour while all Minorcan ports were closed by five to six metre waves.
The north and north east of Majorca can expect 90 kilometre per hour winds again today with the temperatures in the mountains forecast to plummet to -4ºC with maximums of 5ºC. Yesterday morning, the Balearic Director General for Emergencies gathered representatives from all the emergency, social, security and medical services together to assess the latest weather information and the real situation on the ground.

Over Thursday night, a few minor incidents such as small power cuts and a collapsed wall reported but as yet, the polar front has not caused any serious problems. That said, the emergency services remain on stand by with the worst of the cold front forecast to grip the Balearics today.

Temperatures will rise slightly tomorrow, but another cold front is forecast to reach the Balearics at the start of next week.