SALES of Majorcan oil with Denominacion de Origen (DO) rose by 87 percent in 2005 in comparison with 2004, going from 21'000 to 40'000 litres.
This “important rise” was attributed to the promotion of this product in businesses on the islands, as well at to the substantial rise in production (71 percent) to 50'033 litres. During the presentation of the results of the 2005-6 campaign by the Regulatory Council for Majorcan Oils of Denominacion de Origen, its President, Josep Oliver, said that the improvement in sales during last season were “excellent” and the expectations for 2006 were “extraordinary”. Oliver emphasised that exports of Majorcan DO oil also rose significantly in 2005 (80 percent), from 4'000 litres in 2004 to 7'500 litres.
He said that if Majorca wants to promote sales of its oils it is “essential” to make the DO label very visible to differentiate them from other products in the agroalimentary sector.