THE President of the Balearics, Francesc Antich, can expect a rough ride from the opposition conservative Partido Popular in Parliament this morning.
The PP are going to demand that Antich explains exactly what his government is doing to combat the recession and help local business and industry and the small print of the recently approved tourism legislation dubbed the “Nadal decree” in reference to the Balearic Minister for Tourism, Miguel Nadal.

Last year ended with unemployment hitting record figures in the Balearics and all sectors of business reporting a down turn in activity.

The financial outlook for this year was enough to force a number of businesses to close or down size and the opposition PP want to know what Antich is going to do.

The main unions have accused his government of having done very little to save local companies and jobs and, despite promises made back in June that a new committee would be set up to monitor the credit crunch and help the local business community, the new body has still yet to properly take form. Fireworks can also be expected when the suspended Majorcan Unionist Party MP, Bartomeu Vicens, who has been forced to join the Mixed Group of MP's after being embroiled in the Son Oms industrial estate urban corruption scandal, opens President's question time. Vicens, whose suspension cost the Balearic coalition government its automatic majority, is going to quiz Antich on the new Balearic finance system.