By Wendy Peters

ON Saturday Jacqui Buttle celebrated the first anniversary of her charity shop ‘La Tienda' in Magalluf by renaming it ‘Second Time Around'.

Jacqui told the Bulletin, “The original name caused much confusion whenever I had to complete official paperwork because ‘La Tienda' means ‘the shop' in Spanish and the authorities always asked for the name of the shop. “I was continually going round in circles trying to explain, so this was the best solution and as it's our first anniversary and we've also given the shop a facelift this seemed like an ideal opportunity to rename the shop.”

Attending the opening ceremony were representatives from the Ayuntamiento de Calvia: Deputy Mayor of Social Services Cristina de Leon, Manuel Grille, Deputy Mayor for Magalluf and Palma Nova, and Dolina Reynolds and Angela Guerrero from The Foreign Residents Department. Before cutting the ribbon and declaring the shop open Angela Guerrero commended Jacqui Buttle for her valuable contribution to the local community through her fundraising and wished her further success in the coming year. Jacqui is also the local agent for The Majorca Daily Bulletin accepting adverts for the classified section; she can be contacted at the shop which is situated on the second line behind Willy's Bar in Magalluf or call: 971 68 20 40.