By Humphrey Carter

THE failed armed robbery of the petrol station near the Lluchmajor race track on Sunday was captured on the service station's CCTV cameras.
According to police sources, the CCTV images show a man, wearing a ski mask, walking towards the petrol station armed with a shotgun.
He first approached the driver of a Renault Megane who was filling up and demanded that he hand over his wallet.
Then, the armed robber approached the shop inside of which is the cash register.
But, just at that moment, a car pulled in to fill and, on spotting the armed robber, drove off at speed.

Then, an Opel customer service car arrived driven by a regular local customer whose own vehicle is currently being repaired.
He had gone to the service station to wash the vehicle before returning it to the garage this week.
On seeing the armed man, he joked that it was a bit late to go hunting. The robber did not find the joke funny and, holding him at gun point, demanded his money - but all he had was five euros. However, while this was going on, the petrol attendant managed to pull down the security blinds, preventing the robber from getting into the shop. Desperate, the robber stole the courtesy car and fled the scene. This was later found just 300 metres away, where he had apparently parked his own vehicle.

Police are confident an arrest will be made soon.