BRITISH tour operator TUI Travel said yesterday that the popular revolt taking place in Egypt is benefiting the tourist sectors in Spain, Greece and Turkey, as holiday-makers start seeking alternative destinations.

Michelle Jeffery, Corporate Communications Director for TUI Travel said that the company had noticed an increasing number of Britons were turning their attention to Spain. She said though that although intentions were clear, it was difficult to quantify until May when TUI publishes its final quarterly results.

TUI Board Director Peter Long, accompanying Jeffery at yesterday's presentation of results for the final quarter of 2010, said: “The security of our clients is our first priority.” He said that the political situation in North Africa and its knock-on effects on tourism, were meaning that the tour operator was in the process of adjusting its offer to meet demand.

TUI has cancelled trips to Egypt booked from Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Scandinavia but it has kept package holidays running that have been booked by the British at hotel complexes on the Red Sea. “We are absolutely certain there is no security threat to the Red Sea area,” said Jefferey.

Despite holiday-makers seeking alternative destinations, Spanish tourism sources said yesterday that only 30 percent of the tourism market that turns away from Egypt could end up in the Canary Islands or the Balearics.