By Humphrey Carter The battle for control of the drugs market in Son Banya is reaching boiling point and the police are preparing for a possible turf war. Palma.—A few days ago, armed police had to storm into the shanty town of Son Banya to break up a clash between drug gangs and, according to sources inside Son Banya, the altercation was one of many of late and the tension is growing as a turf war has broken out over which gang have over all control of the drugs market in Son Banya, otherwise known as ‘Palma's drug supermarket'.” Police sources said yesterday that it appears that one of the gangs received an anonymous tip that another cartel had stolen some of its drugs and stashed them inside a vehicle.

The police were called and the alleged thief was arrested and since then, tension has been rising and armed National Police have been setting up more regular controls around Son Banya while being on full alert for possible reprisals in Son Banya and Son Gotleu where one of the gangs has a large presence.

Over the past few weeks, police have confiscated weapons and drugs during a number of controls around Son Banya and the check points will remain in place until the atmosphere calms down.