By Humphrey Carter

THE world's most popular motoring show, Top Gear, is going to be featuring Majorca in its new series which starts on BBC2 this Spring.
Next month, presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are going to be coming to Majorca to race in and film the fifth Rally Clásico Isla Mallorca, the Majorca Classic Car Rally.

The rally, which has become extremely popular since it was first launched, will take place between March 18 and 21 and the course will wind its way through some of the most stunning and scenic parts of the island.

Organiser Javier Beltran yesterday confirmed that the Top Gear are going to be filming the rally for their forthcoming series.
He also admitted that all of the classic rally team are widely excited about the prospect of the rally, and Majorca, being featured on Top Gear which enjoys top television audience ratings across the world. “Over the past few years, we've produced a great deal of audiovisual images of the rally and I think some of the footage caught their eye. This is a unique location for a classic rally and we've been after Top Gear for the past few months and they recently agreed to come and not only film the rally but take part,” Beltran said yesterday.

So far, over 50 classic cars from all over Europe, including the UK are registered to race and the inscription period will remain open for at least the next few weeks.

For a vehicle to be a “classic” and eligible to race it has to be a pre 1981 model.
A number of British drivers are returning to race and some real genuine classic cars will be taking part in the various groups.