MAJORCA'S Centro Canino Internacional animal refuge has set up a social networking site in a bid to spread the word about the work done at the sanctuary.

It was created by one of the centre's volunteers who wanted to broadcast worldwide about the plight of animals housed by the refuge.
Already the site on Facebook has over 150 members who are supporting the work done at the Es Pilari refuge.
It encourages people to view the Centro Canino website and offers updates about the work done by volunteers in their battle to keep the refuge open.
A spokesperson for Centro Canino commented: “Centro Canino is alive and well, and still doing its best for the needy animals of Majorca.” However, the centre is desperately searching for loving homes for a selection of puppies that are being looked after at the refuge. “Some people actually think that the refuge has been closed down. Of course it has not. We are only allowed, for the moment, to house a limited number of adult dogs at the refuge in Es Pilari, but there is no limit to the number of puppies we can care for and find homes for. “We currently have lots of puppies of all shapes and sizes, and they are all absolutely beautiful,” added the spokesperson. “We urgently need to find loving homes for them and all the adult dogs we have housed at the Son Batlet kennels and the refuge in Es Pilari in order to be able to help other animals. “We are constantly being called upon to take in abandoned and abused animals desperately in need of shelter, so we urge people to help us in any way that they can to provide homes for the beautiful puppies,” added the spokesperson.