By Jason Moore and Joan Riera

Question: What has caused this latest Balearic government crisis?
Answer: Balearic government leader, Francesc Antich, was forced yesterday to sack three of his ministers, all from the Majorcan Unionist Party which forms part of his coalition Balearic government, because of corruption allegations which have been made against members of the Majorcan Unionist Party.

Question: What does this mean?
Answer: It means that Antich will now form a minority government because he has lost the support of the Unionists which gave his government a majority in the Balearic parliament, Council of Majorca and Palma city council. Antich now has 27 members of parliament (instead of the 30 he had with the Unionists) compared to the Partido Popular´s (who are in opposition) 29.

Question: Will Antich´s government fall?
Answer: probably not although he has made life far more difficult for himself. He will now have to rely on pacts either with the Unionists or the Partido Popular to get key legislation through parliament.

Question: what will happen to the Majorcan Unionists?
Answer: their future is very uncertain because the party as a whole have been tarnished by the corruption allegations. However, many political commentators believe that they will continue to side with the Balearic government eventhough they do not form part of the coalition Balearic government.

Question: what is Balearic leader Antich planning to do?
Answer: he says that he is planning to reduce the number of Balearic government ministries. Tourism could be merged with sport and the Ministry for the Environment with Public Works. This is a cost-cutting measure although the tourist industry is not impressed by the fact that the ministry of tourism could be merged with another department.

Question: What can the opposition do?
Answer: the centre right Partido Popular, now has more MPs in the local parliament than the Balearic government but it is unlikely that they will present a motion of no confidence. The Partido Popular will probably just wait and see what happens next and then decide on what action they can take.

Question: Is this the worst political crisis in the history of the Balearics?
Answer: Yes, it is. Balearic Presidents have resigned but this is the most serious because it involves so many people of different parties.

Question: When are the next local elections?
Answer: The next local elections take place in the spring of next year. Judging by the present opinion polls the Partido Popular could win although they need to secure a majority otherwise it will leave the door open to another left-wing coalition government. Also, there is a major concern that only a handful of people will vote because of all the corruption scandals.

Question: will the fallout of the pact also affect other island councils where the coalition is also in power?
Answer: Yes, it could do. Andratx and Soller have a power sharing agreement between the Spanish socialist party and the Majorcan Unionists. All these pacts are in danger.

Question: has Francesc Antich got a political future?
Answer: many in his own party are not too impressed with his leadership. There are rumours that Francina Armengol, the present leader of the Council of Majorca, could be the socialist´s candidate at the elections next year. However, he has said that he wants to stand as a candidate in the next local elections.

Question: who benefits from this crisis?
Answer: no-one it just taints politics.