STAFF REPORTER LOCAL Police in Palma have sealed off and evacuated four of the eight apartments of a building at Calle Can Massanet number 4, after the basement of a travel agency collapsed 15 centimetres yesterday morning.

The property is on the corner of Calle Oms, the street linking Plaza España with Vía Roma.
The incident which produced a great deal of rubble but no injuries, caused widespread concern in the city centre in the wake of the collapse of a block of flats in October last year in Calle Rodriguez Arias in which 7 people died. Emergency services, police, firemen and paramedics were quick to attend the scene but a statement by Palma Council later in the day said that the Fire Service had concluded that the collapse could have been due to a major water pipe leak.

Council technicians reported after checking the site yesterday morning that the building as a whole was “sound” but they were going to visit again on Monday “as a precaution”.