Palma.—The 50-year-old man who apparently fatally stabbed his ex-wife five times at her home in Arta last week was yesterday ordered to be held on remand in jail and bail was denied.

The suspect allegedly stabbed his ex-wife with a 30 centimetre blade last Friday after an argument apparently broke out between the two just after the victim, Margarita, had just taken one of their children to school nearby.

Neighbours who heard the altercation raised the alarm and when police arrived, they found the victim lying in a pool of blood in the hall of her house.
She was still conscious, however, and was able to tell police that her attacker had shut himself in an upstairs room.
When police smashed down the door, they found that the alleged attacker had attempted to take his own life.
Both were rushed to Manacor Hospital, but Margarita tragically died just moments after being admitted. Her ex-husband was in a stable but critical condition.

The victim and the alleged attacker apparently enjoyed a cordial relationship, despite having split up, and Margarita actually still worked for her ex-husband.

They were extremely well known in the small town and the suspect had never been reported for domestic violence before.
Over the past few days, various rallies condemning this latest case of domestic violence, the first fatal one of the year in the Balearics, have been staged.

Yesterday, the central government Minister for Health and Social Services, Ana Mato condemned the fatal attack and called on all women who are victims of domestic violence to come forward, to not waste any more time and contact the police before it is too late. “We must bring about an end to people suffering from violence in silence,” she said.