Joan Collins THE British actress, Charlotte Rampling, known for her performances in legendary films such as Night Porter is expected to star in a Spanish film which will be shot partly in Ibiza later this month. The film, by the Basque director Julio Medem, will be called Caótica Ana. Filming will start on February 13 in various locations. Medem's seventh film will feature Manuela Velles making her film debut in the title role and the singer Bebe, in addition to Charlotte Rampling who, according the production company, has announced that her participation in the film is only “expected”. Rampling has just finished filming Basic Instinct II in which she plays a psychoanalyst. She also has another film Vers Le Sud (Towards the South) awaiting release in Spain. She told a group of Spanish journalists in Paris that she would be taking part in the Spanish film. “I like to film in different countries, change is important for me so I have a special interest in doing so. I divide my work between England, America and France and now I hope to add Spain to the list with the Julio Medem film”, said Rampling who, at the moment is not saying anything more about the film. “I have just had a meeting with Medem to talk about the project, but I hope it will turn out all right. I know Spain, I was there when I was a student and I like it very much. Also, I haven't worked there before so I hope to now” said Rampling who will be 61 on Sunday. She said that she would play her role in Spanish, a language she studied when she was young. “Yes, I speak Spanish. I studied it when I was at the University of Madrid but I haven't spoken it for years so, if I am going to film with Medem, I will have to go back to school to relearn it”. Charlotte Rampling was one of the most popular actresses of the 1970s when she became a cinema icon thanks to her performance in Night Porter by Liliana Cavani. She has divided her career between Europe, where she worked with legendary names such as Luchino Visconti, and Hollywood. Nevertheless she spent a long time away from the screen until, in 2000, the French film director Francois Ozon asked her to be in his film Under the Sand, a film which was, for Rampling, the start of a second and fruitful stage of her career which she is now enjoying to the full. Caótica Ana has a budget of five million euros and will be filmed in eleven weeks in Madrid, the Canaries, Ibiza, New York and Arizona.