THE Balearic minister for labour and training, Cristobal Huguet, said yesterday that the January unemployment figures showed the “dynamism” of productivity in the Balearics, the “climate of confidence” and the “prospects of economic improvement” which the islands have. During a press conference Huguet analysed the figures released by the central Ministry of Labour which showed that the number of unemployed people registered with INEM (the Unemployment Office) in the Balearics at the end of January was 867 less than at the end of December, a fall of 1.7 percent which brought the number of unemployed to 48'036 and makes the Balearics the only community to have a fall in unemployment. In relation to January 2005, this is a drop of 3'422 in the number of unemployed (6.65 percent).
The number of contracts rose to 27'294 in January, 5'559 more than December.