STAFF REPORTER AN incident yesterday on the Majorcan railway service at the junction where the track divides in two different directions - one going to Sa Pobla and the other to Manacor - meant that the Balearic government had to lay on a coach to ferry passengers to their onward destinations.

The junction is used chiefly by passengers who wish to travel from Sa Pobla to Manacor, or vice versa, and who do not need to go as far as Inca to do so.

The incident in question happened about 9 o'clock in the morning when a train travelling from Manacor to Inca became trapped at a points intersection which proved to be operating incorrectly. Fortunately, at the moment of the wheels becoming trapped in the mechanism, the train was travelling at minimum speed so there were no injuries among the passengers on board.

The trapped carriages were, however, from that moment on, the cause of serious delays in the Manacor to Palma (via Inca) service. Such was the extent of the inconvenience to passengers that coach services were laid on to pick passengers up from outlying station areas and to ferry them to Inca. A high-powered crane was despatched to the incident point along with technicians to lift the affected carriages off the rails - the train was then replaced correctly onto the line.