ONE of the candidates running for the Congress of Deputies in next month's General Election has said she would cap the price of flights between the Islands at 27.50 euros.

Sitting deputy Maria Salom of the Partido Popular (PP), speaking in Calvia, said that she had already raised the issue in the Congress during the current legislature.

But that despite obtaining the support of the majority of the congress, they had not been “put into effect”. She said that under a PP Government, “all the citizens of the Balearics would benefit from this important discount”.

Salom added that the President of the Balearics, Francesc Antich, had shown “his lack of political stature” by refusing to approve a measure that would benefit the Balearics because it had been sponsored by the PP. Salom said that with the PP in Government she would revise the public service contract to obtain the best quality on the routes between the islands and connections to the peninsula.

The PP deputy said that inter-island tickets had increased five times during the four years of the Zapatero Government.