STAFF REPORTER A couple were seriously injured in the early hours of yesterday morning when the car in which they were travelling crashed on the road from sa Cabaneta to Sineu, in the municipality of Marratxi.

According to information made available by the Emergency department, the accident happened along a straight stretch of the MA-3017 in good visibility. All indications are reportedly that the Ford Kuga was going at an excessive speed and that for reasons which are still being investigated, the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The car crashed against the side of a building, splitting the vehicle in two - such was the impact. When Emergency services arrived having been alerted by other drivers, an horrific scene awaited them.

The two occupants of the vehicle were unconscious with severe head injuries and lesions in nearly all other areas of their bodies. Paramedics were able to stabilise the victims, a man and a woman both around 30-years-old who were rushed to Son Dureta hospital where they remain in intensive care.