DEMOLITION work on illegal properties in Llucalcari in Deya will be completed at the end of May, Maria Lluisa Dubon who is head of the Territory department of the Council of Majorca said yesterday.

Dubon, visiting Llucalcari with senior figures from the Council's Planning department, said that as soon as the bulldozers have finished their work, the site will be cleared and a project begun to reintegrate the plot back into the natural environment.

Deya town council had started the demolition work in the middle of December last year to comply with a Balearic Supreme Court Order made in 2002. In fact prior to that, in duplicate rulings in both 1992 and 1999, the properties had been declared illegal because they were built without construction licences.

Deya council claimed that cash shortage meant that they were unable to finance such a costly operation. So in 2009, the Council of Majorca started fining the local Mayor Jaume Crespi for failing to comply with the law.

Dubon said that the demolition work was proving particularly difficult because of the inaccessibility of the site to heavy machinery, the task of collecting all reusable material, and of turning the ground back into natural countryside.

The Council of Majorca has claimed that the land where the properties were built without proper consent has the maximum level of environmental protection as they are part of the Sierra Tramuntana Natural Resources Conservation Plan. The site is also part of territory overseen by Central Government's Coastal department.