Palma.—The Balearic Ministry for Tourism yesterday announced that it managed to reduce its bill for participating in the Fitur travel fair in Madrid by 1.1 million or 74 percent this year.

Last year, the former Socialist-led government spent 1.54 million on the Balearic stand and the services and facilities provided to potential clients but this year, the Ministry for Tourism, managed to trim the bill for being at the fair to just 394'601.

And, it appears that the Ministry of going to continue reducing the amount of money it spends on attending the world's most important travel trade fairs.

At the World Travel Market last November, the Ministry managed to cut its budget by 54 percent in comparison to the previous year. But, sources from the British travel industry were not impressed with the stand in Madrid.

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One UK travel director told the Bulletin that the stand was “bland, boring, uninspiring and there was not even any of the traditional Majorcan food and drink that has always been available to help promote the region's food. It was dire, the first day, the stand was practically empty. “These fairs are supposed to be fun, they are an opportunity for holiday destinations to show off what they've got and why tour operators should do business with them and not somewhere else,” the source said. “The Balearics's competing destinations, put the region to shame.”