Palma.—With the police already been warned of reprisals because of a turf war which is raging between drug cartels in Son Banya, security was extra tight yesterday as the hearing of Operation Kabul resumed at a specially adapted courthouse on a Palma industrial estate.

Because various drugs ‘clans' and some 50 people have been implicated in the investigation, the special court house had to be adapted in order to cater for all the suspects and also ensure maximum security.

Yesterday, ten leading members of the so-called ‘Kike' clan were quizzed about their alleged activities in trafficking cocaine and heroin and their relationship with the drugs underworld in Majorca. However, Enrique Molina, the head of the ‘Kike' clan said he was neither a drugs dealer nor had used people to peddle drugs for him.

In fact, he claimed he was a car dealer.
The prosecution however claim that the ‘Kike' clan organised the shipment of large quantities of drugs into Majorca from Barcelona which were then handed over to the ‘La Paca clan' and other cartels for distribution around the island.

The 55 accused are facing a maximum total jail tern of 690 years if found guilty and fines of nearly 30 million euros.
The case continues.