Palma.—The Balearic High Court in Palma yesterday sentenced Monica Juanatey to 20 years in jail after being found guilty of having killed her nine-year-old son in Minorca and then abandoning the body.

She was found guilty of having murdered her son and then hidden his body in a suitcase which she then hid on farmland - it was not discovered until two years later.

In summing up, the court rejected all the defense team's claims that the trial by jury was not fair and that there were certain indiscrepancies and contradictions.

The judge reminded the court that, on her arrest, the suspect admitted to having drowned her son in a bath.
Initially, once the hearing began, the suspect claimed the death had been an accident.
However, once faced with police claims that they had evidence that she had killed her son, she then changed her confession and admitted to having committed the crime, although by not using force.

No memory
In her final confession to the court she claimed that she could not remember anything about what happened on the day in question.
Her defense team complained that the child's medical history was never called for nor reports from social services but the judge stood by the jury's finding.