Palma.—After months of investigations, the Guardia Civil have implicated some 4'000 people for either falsifying residence permits in order to obtain the 50 percent air and sea travel discounts entitled to residents living in the Balearics, the Canaries, Melilla and Ceuta.

According to sources close to the investigation, ‘Operation Resident' was launched here in the Balearics and coordinated by the Guardia Civil in Palma.
The scam was first brought to their attention in the middle of last year when two people who ran a travel agency were arrested.
The Guardia Civil eventually discovered that the travel agency was apparently distributing Balearic resident permits so that clients could enjoy the 50' percent flight discounts on domestic flights.

The Guardia Civil had apparently collated all the necessary evidence at the start of this month and the nationwide operation was mounted.
Various other people have been arrested but the Guardia Civil, acting under the orders of the Manacor Court, have apparently detected a “vast number of fake” resident permits which have been used by around 4'000 people all across Spain, all of which are now implicated in the pending case once it comes to court.

The region where the largest number of false documents were found was in Andalusia where 1'000 fake resident permits were discovered.
The Guardia Civil stated that the money fraudulently saved could run into millions of euros.