lll British tour operators attending the Fitur travel trade fair in Madrid last week returned home in confident and buoyant mood.
Not only were they able to convey to their Spanish counterparts that the sales of package holidays have got off to one of the strongest starts in nearly a decade, but the trend is continuing with demand for summer holidays on the high street and on line out stripping this time last year.

Hugh Morgan, the Managing Director of the Monarch Travel Group, said all of the suppliers and hoteliers at Fitur were extremely cooperative which has meant that all of the UK tour operators are able to offer very competitive prices and as always see ‘price is king'. “But we're seeing huge movements on social media and it's all very exciting and very positive. Things are looking very bright for this summer, especially in the Balearics where holiday sales are up to all of the islands. “I think this year, with no reason to stay in the UK , no jubilee, no Olympics and no football, and after two wash out summers, most Britons decided early on to book a holiday, to guarantee some sunshine. “Those that left it late last year, and many did as we saw that late surge in September and October, did not necessarily pick up a good deal. “So this year, they've decided to book earlier and that helps us enormously because if needs be, we can increase capacity on our airlines and hotels,” Morgan said yesterday.

But, he did reveal that the only sector that is suffering slightly is the cruise industry.