Palma.—The controversial The Truth About Magalluf was the talking point of the island for weeks and even promoted a letter of complaint from Calvia Council to the BBC.

Wednesday night's first of the four part series Holiday Hit Squad will certainly get a letter from the Local Police in Calvia for their great exposure, but little else.

Watching Angela Rippon patrolling the Strip with two members of the Local Force with a reflective jacket on was laughable, certainly no under cover work went on their unlike in The Truth About Magalluf which, as this has been confirmed by the UK travel industry, sparked an immediate surge in bookings to the resort this summer.

I doubt, with all due respect, those of Rippon's age group, would have rushed down to their travel agent yesterday and booked a week in the resort! Missed the boat
This series is being acclaimed as being able to secure unique access to the toughest hotel inspectors in the business and explores how best to make sure holidays across the globe live up to their promise.

All very well, but I got the impression that with The Truth About Magalluf and then Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, which was also set in Magalluf, being broadcast the following night, that BBC1 realised that they had missed the boat because we have already seen enough of people getting up to drunken antics in Magalluf - thanks to the organisation that is the BBC.

So, Angela Rippon spent the night on patrol with the police investigating the effects of holiday boozing and listened to the real story from the professionals who have to deal with the consequences when things go too far.

After 15 minutes I was bored, if it was not for the two other and younger presenters being sent off to trouble shoots in Portugal, Crete and Egypt, I would have stayed with England beating Brazil which is something one certainly does not see every day.

But having said that, not is Angela Rippon striding down the strip in a fluorescent jacket trying to talk to a drunken teenage Scottish lad or getting all excited about a fight between a female client and a bar owner.

This happens in Magalluf, in resorts across the Mediterranean, we all know and accept that.
What The Truth About Magalluf managed to do, like it or not, was get inside the resort, get behind the scenes and give us an insight into what really goes on.

3.9 million people tuned in but whether they managed to endure the whole hour, I doubt it.