by Irene Taylor
IT is the tradition in Castille-Leon for women to rule on the feast of Sta Agueda, and the large colony of people from that region who live here have brought the tradition with them.
With the backing of the Federation of Regional Social Clubs, they organised a big street parade in Palma yesterday.
Women of all ages, most of them in regional costume, paraded from the Plaza Mayor, down Jaime II to the city hall.
Pride of place, riding in a carriage, was Catalina Cañellas, chosen as the ‘Agueda of the Day' whose duty it was to preside all the ceremonies.
At the city hall, they were welcomed by Mayor of Palma Catalina Cirer, Mayor of Felanitx, Cati Soler, deputy government leader Rosa Estaras and agriculture minister Margalida Moner. Immigration minister Encarna Pastor had been named ‘Honorary Agueda' and as such she was handed Cirer's staff of office for the day. Before the parade started, there was Majorcan dancing in the Plaza Mayor, and spectators were invited to typical sweets and biscuits and wine.
There was also support from Galicia, which provided pipers, who escorted the parade, the only men, apart from the coach driver, who took part.