THE proprietors of Clinica Juaneda in Palma have come to a property agreement with those of the Clinica Femenia.
Juaneda is to rent Femenia, a health centre founded in 1942 by the surgeon Joan Femenia Perello, for a period of 10 years.
As well as acquiring the Femenia clinic itself, Juaneda will also take possession of 12 networked health centres located in Palma which up until now were being run by the Femenia administration. Although it has not yet been finally decided, Juaneda is also looking to run the medical interests that Femenia has in Minorca. In addition, Juaneda, controlled by Juan Alguersuari and with Gabriel Uguet as the hospital's director, will take responsibility for keeping the staff currently employed by Femenia where major investment will be made in upgrading the installations.
The Clinica Femenia opened its doors in 1942 in Calle del Soldat Marroig but in 1957 it changed premises to the one currently operating in Camilo Jose Cela. The building, with capacity for 100 patients, has been upgraded and modernised on several occasions. During the time that Joan Femenia was hospital director, he introduced new systems for diagnoses and innovative surgical techniques. In those years, a pioneering heart surgeon had been on the staff at the clinic. In 1979, the centre under the direction of Llorenç Femenia Reus, acquired a gamma camera, a medical apparatus that detects gamma rays emitted from a person's body after the administration of a radioactive drug and so produces images of the organ being investigated. This was a major moment in the medical world of Majorca.