Palma.—Palma City Council dealt another public blow to image of the Duke, and Duchess, of Palma yesterday when the street named in honour of their marriage in 1997, was reverted back to its original name - la Rambla.

The council maintains that it is acting in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the people of Palma who do not approve of the Duke's allegedly dubious business activities and have informed the royal household.

Neither the Duke, Iñaki Urdangarin nor his former business partner Diego Torres have been charged with a crime, but are suspects in a case in which they allegedly funneled about 5 million euros in public funds, some of which came from the Balearics, to companies they controlled.

Last week, Judge Jose Castro who is investigating the case set bail at 8.2 million euros but neither of the two suspects were able to meet Wednesday's midnight deadline and now face the real threat of having their properties and accounts embargoed.

Both have been asked to provide the Palma court with a list of all their belongings and investments, such as the Duke's six million euro property house in Barcelona, as the court goes in search of the 8.2 million euros.

The Duke returns to court in Palma on February 23.