Palma.—The prosecution in the case against 46-year-old Thomas William Swannell who stands accused of having allegedly bottled and killed a fellow Briton while on a tour with a cricket club on the island has requested that the accused be sentenced to 14 years in jail if found guilty.

The incident happened in March 2011.
According to the prosecution, the accused and his victim, Gary Clive Vigors “exchanged glances” in a pub at around 2.30am. Then insults were apparently exchanged and then the accused grabbed a bottle, smashed it and stabbed the victim in the neck while preventing him from moving as he apparently continued to stab the victim in the neck.

The two men were eventually separated and they piled out into the street where the accused began to apparently attack Vigors again.
Swannell then allegedly asked bystanders ‘if they wanted some of the same'?
Vigor lost so much blood, he tragically died at the scene and Swannell will be tried by jury in Palma in June.