Palma.—The opposition Socialist party has spent most of its time since losing the last election hounding the Balearic President, Jose Ramon Bauza, over his business interests claiming that they are not compatible with his political post and that there are various clashes of interests.

At the centre of the argument is the pharmacist's chemist in Marratxi which has apparently enjoyed lucrative contracts with the Ib-Salut Balearic national health service.

Bauza had other business interests with Bauser and Divino which he apparently did not declare at the time and that too could also work against him.
However, in a bid to resolve the on going issue, Bauza has handed the matter over to the Balearic High Court for the judges to decide if his position is incompatible.

High ranking
But, there are a growing number of high ranking members of the Partido Popular, including close allies of the President, who fear that the gamble may not pay off and, in the worst case scenarios, Bauza may be forced to resign.

What is more, the Partido Popular does have a Plan B in the event of Bauza being made to abandon his post.
There are rumours doing the rounds in political circles that the current President of the Council of Majorca, Maria Salom, is being lined up to step in, but PP bosses have denied such claims.

As the Bulletin reported yesterday, with the Partido Popular engulfed in fresh allegations of corruption at regional and national levels, senior politicians and party members are posting all their tax and financial details on the party's web site in a bid to show that the party is transparent and honest.

However, opponents claim that it is all spin with former party treasurers currently being questioned in court over millions of euros allegedly funneled into Swiss bank accounts.

If Bauza's position is found to be incompatible, it will not be the first time it has happened to a local politician.
Former PP MP and chemist Aina Salom was forced out of office after her position was found to have been incompatible and that leaves some members of the PP wondering if Bauza will be treated any differently.