MIQUEL Angel Flaquer, head of the Council of Majorca's finance department, yesterday announced that his department is going to donate a total sum of 60'000 euros, in order to help rebuild the damage that was caused by the earthquake in Southeast Asia, where at least 150'000 died. Flaquer said that this money will be shared equally among six non-profit making organisations, who are all currently working in the area and who are all offering health aid and other type of help to those in need in the areas affected by the earthquake: Red Cross, Doctors of the World, Help in Action, Intermón Oxfam, Unicef and Acnur. The funds will come from part of the budget that was set aside for the Majorcan Social Services and Sports Institutes.
Furthermore, the Council has said that it is ready to discuss other proposals from the rest of the departments.
Flaquer made this announcement during a Socialist Party (PSIB) Conference, where they were discussing proposals for raising funds for the tsunami damage. The proposal was unanimously agreed at this conference. Also at the conference, the Socialist Party urged the Council of Majorca to show its condolences for the recent catastrophe and to express its solidarity for all those who were affected in the disaster. In addition, the Socialist Party began proposals to release an “extra-ordinary” fund from the budget, that will be donated to help those in need in Southeast Asia.