THE Council of Majorca yesterday approved the revision of the Master Plan for Rubbish, which calls for expanding the incinerator.
The vote was not unanimous: the Partido Popular (PP), Balearic Socialists and Spanish Socialists (PSIB-PSOE) and the Majorcan Unionists (UM) voting for and the rest against. The Balearic Government said that the revision is “focused” and “positive” while the Majorcan Nationalist Socialists (PSM) and the United Left-Green Party alliance (EU-EV) criticised it as “advocating incineration”. According to Miquel Nadal, vice president of the Council, the plan allows Majorca to adapt to the new EU directives about rubbish disposal and increases the levels of selective collection which appear in the initial document for 2008. At the moment they stand at 68 percent for paper and glass, and 28 percent for cans. Nadal said that the document also envisaged a reduction in land-fill sites and an increase in recycling. All of this, he said, will be done in conjunction with the town councils. “The main theme of the plan is recycling” he said, in reply to the opposition's criticism that it is “a clear advocation for incineration”.
Antoni Alemany of the PSIB-PSOE, argued that it was his group's opinion that incineration “isn't the worst way to deal with rubbish”.