By Humphrey Carter

THE chief executive of the Balearic Socialist Party met yesterday to discuss the current political situation while the six people arrested this week, including the former Minister for Tourism Miguel Nadal and the ex-leader of the Majorcan Unionist Party Miguel Angel Flaquer, appeared in a Palma court to answer questions about alleged corruption in the Inestur Balearic Institute for Tourism Strategy.

Late last night, at the end of the day's preliminary hearings, bail was set for the former Minister for Tourism and the accountant for the Majorcan Unionist Party, Alvaro Llompart, at 100'000 euros.

President Francesc Antich and his left-wing coalition government are now in a minority in the government, on the Council of Majorca and Palma City Council but the party made it clear yesterday that, while it knows it is going to be difficult to govern in a minority, it is confident that the Majorcan Unionist Party will continue to act as part of the coalition and vote with the government.

The leader of the UM, Josep Melia, responded to the party's government ministers and councillors being expelled on Friday following the arrests of the former Minister for Tourism, Miguel Nadal, by claiming that Antich had all but broken the coalition pact.

However, the Socialists are confident that while the UM may have lost some of its confidence in the coalition, it will continue to form part of the government and support it. The Socialists also believe that, for the good of the Balearics, political stability and the credibility of the government, agreements can and will be reached with the opposition Partido Popular. One thing the chief executive clearly ruled out yesterday was a snap election.

LAST RESORT “That is the last resort,” said Rosa Maria Alberdi, the Secretary of the Balearic Socialist Party.
Alberdi also said that the future of the Speaker of the Balearic Parliament and honorary President of the UM, Maria Antonia Munar, is for Parliament to decide.

Nevertheless, she did state that Munar, who is also implicated in one of the alleged corruption scandals being investigated, should do the honourable thing and comply with the recently introduced political code of ethics.

The Partido Popular however are calling for a vote of confidence be held in the government, Council of Majorca and Palma City Council considering neither President Antich, Francina Armengol nor the Mayor Aina Calvo have the power to govern their respective authorities.